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Skin looks naturally smooth after laser stretch mark treatment.

Lasers can improve the color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving you with smoother, better-looking skin.Laser treatments for stretch marks reveal skin that is more natural in color and blends into surrounding skin for a look that's clearly more beautiful after a few easy treatment sessions with little to no downtime.*
* The only fractional laser cleared by the FDA for stretch mark treatment is the Lux1540 from Palomar Medical Technologies, inc.

Before and after laser stretch mark removal images courtesy of
(from left to right):
Image 1: Dr. Sean Doherty, Image 2: Dr. Sean Doherty,
Image 3: Dr. Sean Doherty., Image 4: Dr. Francesca deAngelis
Image 5: Dr. Maurice Adatto, Image 6: Dr. Maurice Adatto,
Image 7: Dr. Sean Doherty, Image 8: Dr.Sean Doherty