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A remarkable transformation of wrinkled skin after laser treatment.

Laser wrinkle treatment provides dramatic, long lasting results with minimal recovery time. Laser light penetrates skin to just the right depth and with just the right level of heat to evoke a dramatic healing response that promotes collagen and elastin production, diminishing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Where wrinkles once were, smoother skin now appears for a younger, more beautiful appearance without surgery.

Before and after wrinkle treatment images courtesy of
(from left to right):
Image 1: Dr. Joel Cohen, Image 2: Dr. Joel Cohen,
Image 3: Dr. Sean Doherty, Image 4: Dr. E. Victor Ross,
Image 5: Dr. Sean Doherty, Image 6: Dr. Haneef Alibhai,
Image 7: Dr. David Kent, Image 8: Dr. David Kent